banner If your website goes down without your knowledge the results can be worse than you think.
  - Loss Of Sales
  - Damage to Your Company’s Image
  - Frustrated Customers who will look Elsewhere Don’t let this happen to you. Sign up free to Monitor Lizard today and make sure you’re always the first to know when your site goes down.
banner Keeping your website online doesn’t just keep your customers happy - Google likes it too! A constant online presence gives you the best chance of gaining higher search engine rankings. Monitor up to 3 websites, absolutely free .
banner Monitor Lizard keeps working round the clock. You’ll get instant alerts via the medium of your choice whenever your site goes down unexpectedly. Did we mention that this is absolutely free?
banner Monitor your site’s international performance with regular checks from locations across the globe.
  - No software installation required.
  - Android and iPhone Apps available soon!

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